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Gracia who's known online as Le New Chapter is a young women who strives on empowering and motivating others in the hopes of sharing her story and her interests, by demonstrating that there is hope in the midst of circumstances that seem to be unbearable. She strives on using her platform by reminding them that they have the ability to influence their community, society and even their nation in a genuine and authentic manner
This pas year has been quite eventful and interesting in many aspects that I consider as learning curve that enable me to learn that as people we need to ensure that we are doing well in order to be effective. A a women who is always gear to be on the go I had to learn that sitting in my own corner and dealing with my mental health is normal and if that means stepping away from anything that could hinder my healing journey then sp be it. Let me tell you it was note easy but it was nessearry. 





LNC Presents

United We Stand

Le New Chapter's “United We Stand” is a chapter within the website features other individuals that have impacted our community and society in a positive manner in any shape or form. The goal is to bring together bright minds as we talk about the importance of birthing the gifts that’s been deposited in us by using the proper tools that enables us to bring forth our vision(s) and aspirations into a reality. The main focus is to foster learning, to inspire, and to provoke conversations that promote self love and self awareness as we propelle individuals to reach their maximum potential as creatives. 

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embark on this journey of unity with us. 

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