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Don't Give Up

Updated: May 21, 2019

A little back story about me in correlation to today’s topic. I Gracia - Dei wanted to give up on a lot of things such as my brand, school, ministry and on myself. As a victim of many series of unfortunate circumstances such as getting rejected by loved ones, being a victim of physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse. I often thought that my life was worthless and that my value was no longer appreciated because of every circumstance that occurred in my life.

I realized that all these things that I mentioned have a common denominator. It's the fact that they are often hard. Hard to deal with and hard to overcome. But I quickly learned that I had to get over and hard and acquire attributes such as persistence and being a women that exhibited perseverance and resilience no matter what life seemed to throw my way. I learned the importance of trusting God in every season, the good and the bad. And not letting the pressures of life influence me when it came to making the next appropriate move. Why? Because God has not given me the spirit of fear but of power, love but most importantly of SOUND MIND. Often times when we are faced with stressful situation we don't think clearly. We panic. Therefore, things get chaotic.

Often times, the difficult things in life are there to teach us useful lessons as we disqualify the notion of giving up and adapt to the notion of being persistent or becoming an overcomer. Basically, the scars that we acquire along the way have the ability to tell a story in regards to how far we’ve come based on the issues that we’ve faced in the past. Your persistence and confidence in God could be the reason why someone else who is observing you in silence did not throw in the towel. Hence, don't give up

That being said, the way we look at failure can influence our advancement in any given area of our live as the late Zig Ziglar once said "Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude". Mening when you have a good attitude and and is constantly optimist you will see that things will work out for you good. Completing any specific goal requires some sort of consistency and stamina. But I quickly learned that failure can be the stepping stones that we use in order for us to learn from our previous mistakes. It has the ability to mold us into better beings so that when we try again we are more equipped and knowledgeable in terms of what went wrong and how we could work towards getting better results in the near future. Personally, failure was a tool that would push me to lean more on the understanding of God and because there where days when I felt so defeated and ashamed of who I was and I would just seek God to understand how I could overcome failure and use it as a tool that would turn into a testimony to bless others. That's when I understood that my identity was not base in my failure or my success. Rather it came from God. I am who He says I am. Therefore, our confidence should come from The Word of God that's been established for us.

I know that we all have different stories and destinies that we need to reach but there is one thing that all of us have in common, we all have a notion that the pressures of life can's be avoided but we have all have choice on how we will respond to pressure. In life we’ve all failed at something once or even twice and that is okay. Pick yourself dust yourself (self care) and continue to run that race that God has predestined for you to complete. Build that business, start that blog, retake that class even. Don’t let shame stop you from achieving what you need to achieve and don’t let the standards of society dictate the path that you need to take. Also, don't let the negative talkers dictate your life to the point of comparison. Get your directions from God and from there stay in your lane as you appreciate and encourage those that are around you.

Therefore, change your prospective when you are face with a challenge look at it as a tool that is shaping you and sharpen you for your good and for the em-betterment of those that will hear your story one day. Don’t give up your dreams, goals and on your god given assignment. There is something that you need to birth out in this generation because the world is eagerly waiting for the manifestation of the children of God. Manifest when things get rough. Manifest and push even when circumstance seem to taste bitter. Manifest and jump through tho hurdles of life with confidence knowing that you will overcome and come out victorious. You are alive for a reason and that reason has so much value. It has the ability to impact a whole generation. If you give up on the thing that aligns itself with your purpose understand that you will abort your purpose and the things that you need to do to impact your generation won't be evident. To me that is the biggest failure that a person could encounter. You are basically killing yourself because you won't be operating base on how God created you to operate. God knew that you would face trials but he never said that he would leave you or forsake you ( Deuteronomy 31:6. ).

To conclude I want to land this conversation with the importance on having a support system that will enable you to get up when you fall down. At one point in my life I needed a whole village to keep me up and there are times when that is acceptable. I bless God for my support system. Especially when it’s people that have the ability to preserve me when I've encountered dark days there people have had the ability to speak life into me and I can testify that I have been extremely blessed . But above all else don’t giving up on yourself. You are cared for and loved by God. Whatever you set your mind to you can achieve it, just have the right prospective. You have so much potential to give up now. You are to responses to someone’s prayer. Therefore, position your mind and self well.

Here are a few afirmations that you can repeat out loud I am consistent  I won't loose hope  I am resilient and perseverant 

I am capable 

I am valued  I am powerful 

I won't give up!

I won't give up!

Be blessed Les Amis

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