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Updated: May 21, 2019

Consistency. Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.

Personally, I was longer okay with the notion of just getting by.

Let me elaborate...

This means that I no longer wanted to live a life that was based on mediocrity as I fiddled with the notion of being comfortable. I wanted to live a life that would impact my generation and leave a legacy that would impact those that need a word of encouragement. Not only with my work but also in my character and resilience in everything that I would do. That is why I decided to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to the way that I utilize this platform and how I interact with people on a regular basis.

I understood that none of it what I just mentioned would be easy when it comes to executing what needs to be executed. Because let's face it nothing in life is easy that is why we need to understand this simple rule and that is"Action is always required when one is looking for results" (one needs to PUT IN THE WORK <----- A.C.T.I.O.N) in other words faith without work is dead. When you put these two facts together resilience in any given circumstance becomes second nature. It requires persistence and also it takes a lot of discipline and the right mindset. There were times when I no longer wanted to write, I no longer wanted to share my thoughts and no longer did I want to share my opinion on certain issues all of this because I was so overwhelmed with fear I even stepped down from Le New Chapter at a given time. But finally, I understood that LNC was and is bigger than me and that God did not give me a spirit of fear but of power and a sound mind (2 Corinthians 1:7). That's when it dawned on me. Having a platform is not about the likes and validation nor is it a simple task. It's a responsibility that enables us to make a difference as we impact the people around us.

Deciding to shake myself and overcome the fear of failure was a choice that revolutionized my view on and my thought process because I no longer focused on the now but I was very decisive on focusing and on the people that would be blessed simply because I chose to birth out what God had implanted in me. So given the circumstances if you are still reading this blog then I want to encourage you to push through the hurdles of life and not to negotiate with fear but to embrace the the risk that you need to take when it comes to being fearless and also stepping in faith knowing that your dreams and aspirations are counted for and valued.

keep on pressing, keep on hoping, keep on enduring and keep on faithing it!

Be blessed Les Amis

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