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This is me

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

This is me; the girl with the natural makeup, the mini afro, and kind if chubby cheeks. This is the girl who had insecurities and fears. This is the girl that suffered from anxiety with a hint of depression. I mastered the art of wearing masks because I adapted to the hurt and pain that was afflicted on me by my oppressors. This is me; the girl that learned to love herself even amid rejection; the girl that accepted herself because God accepted her first.

It really took some time for me to learn and accept the fact that I was loved and nurtured by God. I would magnify my past hurts and pain, thinking that they were greater and more powerful than God. Maybe you are in a predicament that enables you to believe your problems are greater than God, but, let me tell you that they aren’t. Your problem can’t shake God, nor can it de-throne God. No problem is greater than Him and we need to understand that He is above everything that seems to disrupt peace in our lives. I finally understand what is meant by the saying “some things are easier said than done,” but, in this matter, by done, I mean believing. But this level of faith in God is attainable only if you are willing to walk with God in the good times and the bad.

I had to learn several times that, even though I walked through valley of the shadow of death (psalm 23: 4), Christ was by my side. I learned that in the silence of my pain and sorrow the Holy Spirit was present and closer than ever. His presence had (and still has) a way of calming me in the storm that seems so ready to destroy me and render me powerless. Truly it was during storms that I discovered that when I’m weak the power of God is there to give me the strength I need to face the day.

Please bear in mind that I am talking about strength that’s only attainable once we understand that we need something supernatural. If you are super human, you wouldn’t be in need of something supernatural; in my case I was simply a girl that relied on Jesus and trusted Him with her life. That’s what lead me to believe in the fact that we have the ability to master the storm and come out of it stronger and more equipped in the log run.

In my lifetime I have learned that life, I quickly realized that life will never make us feel like we just woke in a field of rose petals and that the sky is not filled with rainbows and butterflies that hover in the palm of our hands as we sing kumbaya. On the contrary, life has a way of shaping us and molding us into the beings that we are meant to be and most of the time this happens when we are tried and when we face challenges. Some people come out bitter and some people come out with a positive perspective that enables them to help the people around them. What I'm trying to demonstrate here is that life is hard ladies and gentlemen. But it’s important to remember that there are people who wish they could be in your shoes, believe it or not. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not dismaying the fact that life often offers us fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, tiredness or even the option of giving up and heartache. Yet, that should not be a reason to forsake the life that God ordained for you. Be that person that looks at life in the face and fights back. Be that person that fights for his or her happiness and peace.

If I had given up on life, I don’t think that I would have mustered up the courage that I have today when it comes to encouraging others to rise up. I wouldn’t be able to encourage others to be an example the world is looking for or to master the strength that we need by being motivated and empowered so that we can be a pillar in our generation to achieve great success even when the storm seems to be unbearable.

To conclude, I want to encourage you to keep your head up and know that you are not in this alone. I might not know you personally and I might not understand what you are going through but one thing I do know for sure is that problems don’t last forever. There is always a solution to a problem that seems unsolvable. I can testify. I can say that I’ve been in a dark place but by the grace of God and by His love I found the light that led me towards emotional freedom in Christ.

Yours Truly


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