How it all started for her

It was probably around middle school when I really started to appreciate the friendships I had with the girls around me. We'd spend as much time as we could together during school hours catching up about our home lives and major life changes (like periods and potential regimes for new pimples that seemed to pop up by the hour). It was in those moments when I began to understand how similar most of our lives were and felt a connectedness to each of my girls. 


I was raised in Rexdale, Ontario and grew up in a predominantly Black area. My grandparents are Jamaican-born, however, both my parents and I are born here. Most of my friends growing up were either of Caribbean or African decent which made our connections seem to flow even more seamlessly as they pretty much ate what I ate, listened to the music I listened to, and coped with similar cultural dynamics.

As I entered high school and ultimately separated from my girl friends, I found myself joining every social club that was female-centred. University was no different in that I took an active role participating in events and workshops for women. After flip-floping through a few different majors, I finally decided to complete my bachelors in Sociology and Women's Studies. It was in my last year of undergrad when I began exploring volunteer and employment opportunities with local organizations for women. I quickly realized none of the spaces had women from similar upbringings or women that looked like me. After a few months of frustration I decided to take a leap of faith by creating my own platform, Sis To Sis. We are a grassroots organization with a mission to increase the solidarity among young women of colour while increasing their social awareness. 

We carry out our mission by hosting social events throughout the Greater Toronto Area that are both fun and informative. The power among female connections has given me a sense of inclusion and support throughout my life so I'm hoping to extend that same feeling for young women throughout! 

 Teshyla Bailey