Be still

The most liberating thing I mastered this year is learning how to be still. Being still in the various seasons I go through. Being still in the desert seasons. Being still when I’m happy and being still when I go through the motions.


It has taught me so much about myself and it has allowed me to have a more authentic relationship with God. At the beginning of the year I told God I wanted to learn how to trust him. For 21 years I struggled with trust. Trusting others, trusting myself and trusting God.


This season of stillness has allowed me to reflect and analyze myself. In analyzing myself I’ve learned to hold myself accountable. In analyzing myself I’ve learned to accept truths about me that I normally would over look or get defensive about if someone were to call me out. In analyzing myself I’ve learned to trust myself and trust the decisions that I am making. In analyzing myself I’ve learned to trust others because I now understand what I need and anything and anyone who does not align with that needs to go.

As we approach the new year I want us to practise the art of being still. The art of trusting God through the good and the bad. The art of not moving, reacting or making decisions until God gives you the green light. It’s easier said than done but you can do it.  Every morning when you wake up look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “no matter what happens today, good or bad I have to be still”.


We might not understand life and the many challenges that come with it but we are connected to the one who does. We are connected to the one who has a solution to all our problems and worries.


For the next few weeks leading into the new year I want you guys to stay still and just live. Be in the moment. Stop living in the past and stop trying to control the future. Be present and do what you need to do in order to get through the day.